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Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Ice and Snowmobiles and Crouch Gussets

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It's cold in my office. But really, can I complain? I'm taking a coffee break and blogging instead of editing databases. Let he who actually does some stinkin' work be the first to have a space heater! 
My husband is leaving this weekend for a Men's Retreat at a camp about three hours away. He's going with the awesome men's group he joined at church. 
One whole weekend, all alone. 

I'm either going to be super productive and finish all.the.projects, or I'm going to sit in front of Netflix for 14 hours straight. Jury's still out. 

 Around here, we're quickly approaching a weekend that can only be dubbed as "complete madness on ice." I'm not even kidding. See last year:
 There are bunches of people out on the lake. Bunches. Drinkin' beer and fishing. In heated ice houses. Which I still don't understand. (A heater? On the ICE? Doesn't that seem... counterproductive? Suicidal?)

And then there's this... See in the middle of my terribly lit picture there? That's a tow truck. On the lake. Working on pulling up a truck that fell through the ice. While all these other big heavy trucks are just standing around going, "Yes, someone did fall through the ice. So what?" I just.. I just don't understand.

This is coming. Next weekend. But unlike last year, this year we have some snow! So add a bunch of snowmobiles to this picture. 

Speaking of snowmobiles! 

Zeke and I have been rationing watching a show on Netflix called "Yukon Men." 

I know. Just. Just don't even comment. 

There are only (only) nine episodes up on the 'Flix, so we've been limiting ourselves. Tragic, I know. 

I was reading a book (er, I mean, watching the show with my hubby and enjoying some quality time with the one I luurrve) and heard one of the main characters refer to a snowmobile as a "Snow-Go." Super cute! So now I've got to purchase myself a snowmobile so I can call it my Snow-Go. I go! In the snow! Go Snow Snow-Go! 

I'm out of coffee. I need some more.

Speaking of buying a snowmobile! (Wow, my brain today, huh? Fridays...)
I have been snowmobiling before. I'm very proud of myself in this regard. No, seriously. I'm not much of a going-fast, motors-and-oil kind of a gal. HH has been instrumental in me getting over this, of course.

We went to Zeke's brother's place in Colorado one winter- he owns a snowmobile touring company out there. I did really pretty well, actually! 

I don't have photographic proof of this event at the moment. I'll getcha some later, promise. Because it really did happen!

For Christmas, I got a new purse, and oh goodness, I'm all about it lately. 
(Mine isn't red, though)

It's from Duluth Trading Company. We started shopping there because they have pants with "crouch gussets," and if I knew who invented that miracle in modern engineering, I would bake them ninety million cakes. My darling husband tends to crouch, and bend, and lift and strain... and blow out the crotch of EVERY SINGLE pair of pants he has. And then I mend them. And then they're all torn up again, and then I mend them. And eventually the patches need patches. You get the idea.

Those pants are awesome though. Pricey. But AWESOME. No rips. And he's been wearing them for two months. This is unheard of. 

Anyway. So I was looking for more pants for him (because they're awesome) and stumbled upon this bag and fell in love. And I love it even more now. It holds everything. It fits my household planner no prob. Love love love love.

 Okay, I can't help myself. 

Look at these gussets!

Right!??!? Right!?!?

I know. I need to get out more.

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