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Friday, February 14, 2014

{7 Quick Takes... er 5, actually} Valentine's Day Quotes

 Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary today!

My hunkiest of hubbies, after he had to go to town for work (so we didn't eat lunch together, like we usually do):  
So, I went to China One (the Chinese buffet where we spend waaaaay too much time) and got my food, and it was good... but you weren't there, and it was soooo boring. Definitely missing something. The crab rangoons were still the best, though. 

I burst into tears at that one. 
Yes, overly emotional. But, still, my husband likes hanging out with me! He misses me when I'm not around! Is there anything better?

During a conversation about how sometimes, when you've spoken with someone on the phone, you get this mental image of what they look like... and then when you meet them, sometimes they kind of "fit" their voice, and sometimes they don't at all. You know?

I said that, because I talk on the phone with a LOT of people at work, I'm told quite often that I'm younger than I seem on the phone.

My co-worker: 
Well, that's probably because people don't expect a younger person to be  sweet- and you're always just so sweet over the phone.


Okay, so I didn't actually hear this yet today, but I know I will... 
One of our former co-workers (who's coming to our Marriage Retreat today! Yay!) never calls his wife by her name. He always (always) refers to her as "my love," or "my bride," or "Cutie." Literally. Always. 

They've been married for at least thirty years. 

 This morning, after I told my alarm clock, "Five more minutes," like I do every morning, my hubby: 
Nooo, wake up so I can cuddle you!
I think I coulda cuddled just fine still asleep, but whatever.

Zeke just got home (like, really, just now) after being in town (see #1), and he brought a pizza. 

I had a different one I was going to use for #5, but he.Brought.A.Pizza. 

I'll be working all night, and don't have time to cook. 

Is there anything more romantic? I think not, ladies. I think not. 

Happy Valentine's Day- go snuggle with those you love!



  1. Ha, I sound about 12 years old on the phone. And people generally thing I'm about 17 :P And I'm 27... One of these days I'll look AND sound my age!

    1. Yeah, generally people think I'm 16... so I'm with you there! I must sound very mature- haha!


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