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Thursday, February 6, 2014

{Pretty Happy Funny Real} Kitchen Edition

Today I'm linking with Like Mother Like Daughter for PHFR!

 Today's contentment brought to you by the upstairs kitchen of the Little Wife Household-all these photos were taken while I was making supper. I'm a multitasker, here.


For my bridal shower, a friend of mine made me this recipe box. I love it! It's so pretty. I keep it out on my counter because it just brightens the whole place up. 


Omigoodness. This makes me so happy. First- new wok! This bad boy was my Christmas present from Zeke this year. And yes, I know, you're not supposed to use a spoon, you're supposed to use the handles to bounce the food around. but I'm not coordinated, and I'd rather not loose half of my stir fry on the floor and the other half onto the burner...

Can we talk about the stir fry? This is a frozen mix that we got from Walmart. We don't usually like to buy food from there, but these stir fry mixes are tough to beat. They're Birds Eye brand, and come with noodles and frozen veggies and sauce... and in our area, they're only $6 for a big bag. We can make two suppers out of one bag. I just add some left over chopped up chicken breast, and sometimes "beef it up" by adding some extra frozen veggies, and it's a full supper right there. Half and hour to cook, and only one wok to wash.



(You can't see it, but the bedroom and bathroom lights were also on...)

While I was taking these pictures, Zekecame home and said what he says almost every evening... "Why is every single light in the house ON!?"

Now that I think of it.... he says that every morning, before we leave for work, too...

The lights are ooooon, and we're all hoooome...


Real life with Little Wife- this spaghetti squash has been sitting on my counter for over a month. I had big plans, but it just never happened, and I kind of forgot all about the squash.

I'm afraid to use it, but haven't yet thrown it away.

Poor squash.


  1. Hi! I stopped by from {phfr}. I enjoyed your whole post. Its definitely full of contentment - especially the new wok. And Im with you. You just can't be spilling stir-fry! ;)

    Also, I wanted to add that you need not be afraid of the spaghetti squash. They keep for ages. Its the beauty of the winter squash.

    1. No way- stir fry is way too good to spill!

      Thanks for the spaghetti squash encouragement... it should be an interesting experiment!

  2. Thanks for joining! Our house always had all the lights on as well. What can I say, we were all over the place when the kids were young!

  3. By the way, your recipe box is adorable!

    1. Thanks! The gal who made it for me is super crafty- she made it herself (and filled it up with some great recipes)!


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