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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

{Ten Minute Tuesdays} Clean Those Light Fixtures!

Tuesday, Tuesday, how I love Tuesday.

Time for our Ten Minute Tuesday task!

Today, I cleaned light fixtures! I used a little of my general all-purpose cleaner (vinegar, water, and lavender essential oil), sprayed it on a microfiber cloth, and wiped all down all the light fixtures! Don't stress about them being perfect- no one looks that close- but a quick wipe down really helps those fixtures to shine!

A couple notes...
Don't just get the glass parts- wipe the metal stuff too!

If you're short (like yours truly) and need to stand on a chair, don't choose one with wheels. You may just start to fall off the thing when it rolls and get a picture of the floor- like so. You may also make a less-than-human squeaking noise that brings your husband upstairs, at which point he'll shake his head and remind you that you've got a perfectly good step stool in the kitchen.

Happy homemaking! (And use step stools),

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