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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{Ten Minute Tuesday} Clean out that Purse!

Merciful heavens. What is this coincidence?! I had this post all ready to go except the picture, so I went to add that, then saw some stuff in my Blogger Reader... 
Stuff like Kendra's purse dump post. 
What? That's just... no way. Apparently, great minds... scratch that- who am I kidding? Kendra's mind is way cooler than mine. What are the chances, though, right? 

Okay, I'll get over myself and just post this now. 

That's right, ladies! Time to clean out those purses! 

I don't know about you, but my purse seems to be a cesspool of stuff I don't need and really don't want to be carrying around... and taking those ten minutes to restore basic sanity into my purse? Priceless, really. 

So give your shoulders a break, toss the stuff you don't need, and you'll have more room (and organized space!) for the stuff you do need! 

Edited to Include

The coincidence was just too great. I had to do Kendra's challenge. It was a divine appointment, apparently. 

Empty sunglasses case, used and crumpled name tag, envelope containing gift cards, granola bar, Bible, notebook, receipts and church bulletins, playbill, checkbook, used tissues, gloves, wallet, binder. (Not shown because I threw it outside: a rock.)

Front pocket: Seven pens, hand sanitizer, granola bar (two? really?) neosporin

-It's my favorite thing in here: Da Binder. I lug this thing everywhere. Zeke rolls his eyes at me, but really. REALLY. It's saved my bum so many times. That last minute stop at the grocery store? I've got my list. Don't have an address? I've got it. Pharmacy trip? I've got copies of the insurance cards and prescription numbers. Bam. 

-Wow, I really have a lot of these: Holy pens, Batman. Seriously. Not to mention, I have a pen in the binder! Hello, my name is Adrie, and I'm a pen pirate. 

-I've been looking for those: Um, nothing. Because I only take the important stuff. And you, know, rocks. Sweet heaven.

-Huh. THAT shouldn't be in here:  Um, most things. I think it's a tie between the rock and the USED TISSUES OMIGOSH. 

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  1. That is pretty awesome! I'm so glad you linked up.

    Also, I wish I had found a rock in MY purse, it's just totally hilarious.

  2. A sad thing to consider- the used tissues are NOT mine, and I don't have children. Gross. Just so gross.


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