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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Day in the Happy Life

So, I decided to do one of these "day in the life posts," you know, just to rub it in the faces of  Haley and Jen and  Mama H (and pretty much every blogger out there) that no one touches me for hours at a time and wiping bottoms is not a part of my day (neener-neener).

I give you... Thursday.


5:30 am- I wake up to take my temp, and promptly fall back asleep under my flannel sheets. (I swear, those things have a bigger presence in this blog than ... than... my sisters. Did you know I have sisters?)

7:00 am- I wake up to my alarm. Hit snooze, mumbling "Five more minutes."

7:05 am- See above.

7:10 am- See above.

7:15 am- I fiiiinally get up, record basal body temp on chart. It's the fourth above the cover line, so I may have actually ovulated! I kiss Zeke on the shoulder, like every morning. Shower without shaving (hey, it's winter). I get dressed (cute skirt with cute boots!), have some cinnamon toast, clean toilets, start a load of laundry.

7:45 am- Zeke is up. Offer him toast... he declines with a sound something like, "Nugh." Head downstairs to read my Bible and have some quiet time.

8:15 am- I feed Tucker Turtle and the fish, put my cute boots on, yell up the stairs to Zeke that I'm heading to work. Out the door!

8:17 am- I realize I forgot my keys upon reaching my locked office, stat the walk back home. It starts to sleet.

8:19 am- I unlock my office, run a report with registered camper numbers to bring to the staff meeting, check e-mails and realize that they're mostly just junk and nothing that needs to be taken care of right away (!).

8:30 am- Cup of coffee #1. I help move tables around in the dining hall so we have enough space for the group of 200 people that's coming in today. Staff prayer time, followed by weekly staff meeting. I leave the meeting twice to answer the phone.

9:50 am- Time to head back to my office with cup of coffee #2. Check e-mail (there's more now), check Camp's Facebook page. Process registration payments from last weekend and make copies of checks. Answer phone calls and e-mails.


12:00 pm- Wha? Where did the morning go? Staff meetings always eat up the morning. Lunch time. The phone rings just as I'm heading to the dining hall- I walk parent through online registration. It is big time snowing outside- lots of big, fluffy flakes... but it's 34 degrees... which means that if it gets any colder, everything will freeze. I eat lunch with the office ladies. When going to get more water, my tights get caught on the head of a nail that's sticking out of the bench and rip. I take off my boot and pound the nail into the bench further using the heel.

Zeke arrives at about 12:30- tell him about the lightbulb that's out in my office.

The phone rings- it's the food delivery guy who is bringing half of the food (meat and veggies, mostly) for the big group this weekend. He's stuck and can't get to Camp.  Zeke takes off in a pickup to rescue the stranded food.

The phone rings- it's the other food delivery guy (the one bringing the coffee most of the dry goods). He's stuck about two hours away... and won't make it up here this weekend. I call the cook and tell him the news- he sounds a little panicked.

1:00 pm- Back to my office with cup of tea #1. I meet with program coordinator to discuss Women's Retreat brochure- I show her color scheme options and we choose one. I get to work on the brochure, send copies to be approved. It's still snowing. The mail comes, with lots of registrations. I start entering registrations, answer the phone, registrations, answer the phone... Still snowing.


5:30 pm- I head home for the day, without cleaning up my desk first (I know! I should really do that). It's till snowing, and the walkway is very slippery. I almost fall on my face five feet in front of three cars of young men. I pretend like it didn't happen, they're trying not to laugh. I change out of my skirt, boots, and (sadly ripped) tights. Wonder about how they could make tights out of Kevlar.

5:34 pm- My Hunky Husband calls- he needs to go into town and can I come along? I ask if it's okay that I'm wearing yoga pants. He says he doesn't care. I put on a pair of much less stylish boots.

The boots I wore to work (Ah! The flash! Apologies!)
 5:47 pm- Zeke swings by in a Camp vehicle- the suburban- which is one of our "fleet" (as he calls it) of eight vehicles.

The "after" boots. Not as stylish. I'm wearing yoga pants. Yes, that is a Bible on the center console- no, it's not mine. It puts the "Bible" into "Bible Camp vehicle!"

We head into town, and Zeke tells me that we need to be at an auto parts store by 6. It takes 15 minutes to get there. This should be interesting. I ask what we need to get- apparently the battery in this suburban has been acting up, so we need to get it checked. I call the auto parts place to see if they'll stay open just a teensy bit longer. It's really quite nasty on the roads...

6:02 pm- At the autoparts place. The nice lady who stayed late for us checks the battery, and tells Zeke that we're gonna need a new one. This is the third battery Camp has purchased this month, which kinda sucks. Zeke buys the battery and we head back to the suburban. He puts the battery in the trunk. Next stop is Bomgaars-- like a Farm and Fleet.

6:15 pm- Zeke sets out to search for plumbing parts, with me tagging along. Bomgaars has no baby chicks in their baby chick bins, which is terribly disappointing.

I know nothing about plumbing parts, so I entertain myself with a catalog that tells me "your kitchen faucet truly becomes an extension of you." I wonder what kind of faucet would best represent me... probably something short and stubby and multicolored.

Zeke is not finding the part he needed. He says, "What do you think?" I tell him to follow his heart. I'm not sure if that suggestion helped, but he takes something off the shelf.. so...

He also wants to look at fluid transporters (?) and is disappointed when he finds one that you can use to transport diesel but not gas. I ask what the difference is. He says that diesel is combustible; gas is flammable. I tell him that I know of something else that's flammable and pinch his beee-hind. He rolls his eyes.

6:43 pm- We check out, and head back to the suburban. It's gotten colder, still snowing, and now it's really windy. Zeke turns the key in the ignition... suburban won't start. The auto parts lady was correct about the whole "you need a new battery" thing.

My Hunky Husband heads inside to ask for a jump.

Nice Bomgaars employee guy comes over with battery cables, and we're up and running.

6:51 pm- We're driving very slowly home. The wind and the snow and the more wind have made visibility.. well, like this.

Hunky Husband silhouette!
Zeke opens his window so he could see the edge of the road on one side. The sound of the snow hitting the trees is incredible. There are three cars in the ditches on our way home- not from sliding, by the looks of it, but simply because they couldn't see the road.

7:28 pm- Home safe and sound. Zeke drops me off at home and heads out again to start clearing sidewalks. I put mittens and and hat on and clear our little walkway.

The mixture is about 60% snow, 30% water, and 10%  ice... and is 100% slippery. It starts sticking to my shovel, and is really heavy. It's still sleeting.

7:41 pm- I get back in the house and take off my now soaking coat and hat. I strip our bed, put the laundry in the dryer, then throw the sheets in the wash. I put a load of folded laundry away, then go downstairs to read some blogs and check my personal e-mail. Then I check Camp's Facebook page again, and start planning for a mailing that needs to go out next week for our youth retreats.

8:52 pm- Zeke is not home yet. I start getting hungry and thinking about what I'm going to feed him... I take the laundry out of the dryer and turn on Netflix while I fold.

8:57 pm- Zeke gets home. He reports that he's just stopping by for a little bit and needs a fresh shirt. The one he's wearing is all sweaty. His eyebrows are frozen. "I have brain freeze from the outside in!" he says. His eyes are all sparkly. I'm less excited about this. He eats an apple and a Swiss Roll (we eat healthy around here), I run upstairs to get him a clean shirt and socks. I step in a big ole puddle of melting snow on the way back down.

9:11 pm- Zeke leaves after I give him a quick back scratch. I make myself a peanut butter sandwich, then get back to the 'Flix and the folding. Finish folding and read some blogs, and check my Facebook account.

9:47 pm- Zeke still moving snow. I put away another load of laundry, tidy up around the house, and make the bed.

10:34 pm- Realize that I'm about done for the night. I get myself a Kerr jar of water (my husband has a thing about using mason jars as cups... I just go with it), and hunker down with my blanket and Netflix. I'm hearing Hunky Husband in the Bobcat, scraping the ice around and backing up (*beep, beep*).

10:39 pm- Zeke stops home for an ibuprofen (which we keep in our entryway) and says he has just a little more to do. He also notices that I'm watching a show he likes and says, "You're watching that withooooout meeeeee?" I start watching a different show (one he doesn't like). I also check in on Facebook and see that everyone is posting wedding ideas to my sister's wall, because she just got engaged. (And.she.madeittotheblog! See? I have sisters!)

11:10 pm- Zeke is home! He's all wet, and heads upstairs to take a shower. I close down the computer and go upstairs, wash my face, and change into PJ's.

11:20 pm- I rub Zeke's shoulders for a little, then realize that he still hasn't eaten anything. I whip together another peanut butter sandwich and find some leftover meatloaf. Like I said, we eat healthy around here.  Then we watch a quick episode of some show... I'm not really paying attention. I put some thieves oil on Zeke's feet, then crawl into bed.

11:37 pm- Zeke gets a phone call that a pilot light in a water heater is out. He talks the retreat host through the process of relighting it.

11:42 pm- Zeke puts his pants back on and heads over to make sure the pilot light was lit correctly. I start reading my book.

11:58 pm- Zeke is back. Bed time!


  1. That snow is just CRAZY!!!! That's a long day, sister and I imagine much longer when you have camp in full session! Bless you both and thanks for linking!! Tracy

    1. I know, right? What a crazy day! The snow was definitely an unexpected surprise. Not really a good one. I'm planning on writing another Day-in-the-Life post during summer camp season- it's such a fun time! Busy as all get out, but so much fun! Thanks for stopping by!


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