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Thursday, February 13, 2014

{Theme Thursday} Hearts

Linking up with Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday today!

Ah, Valentine's Day. A day of romance, gazing into the eyes of the one you love, of chocolates and roses.

Or, in my case, a day of making name tags, registering retreat guests, and helping in the kitchen!

Honestly, though, the fact that I'll be working the weekend doesn't really bother me. It's so much fun to facilitate an important and meaningful event like this annual retreat- and I get to work with Zeke the whole time. 


I'm working on making name tags for our upcoming Marriage Retreat this weekend here at Camp. 

What do you think? Are the hearts too girly? Zeke says yes. I think the simple fact that there isn't any pink on these things is a testament to my maturity. I was thinking of gluing sparkles all over them.

Just sayin'. 

Happy Valentine's Day- and I hope that, like myself, you get to spend it with the ones you love!

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