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Friday, February 7, 2014

{Seven Quick Takes} Turkey Turds, Princes, and Frozen Raccoons

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I have an announcement!

My.Christmas.Decorations.Are.Down! (And there was much rejoicing! Especially on behalf of poor Hunky Husband, who's been reminding me that the Christmas lights were still up... for about three weeks.)

Ain't no way they're making it to the attic this week, though. Baby steps.

 Oh my goodness turkeys. 

Apparently, turkeys don't like to stand in the snow. And apparently, turkeys like to look at themselves. It helps them preen. 

Luckily, our neighborhood turkeys have Hunky Husband to shovel a walkway for them! And the walkway is right by some large windows! 

The front entryway of my home (apologies for the over-exposed nighttime pictures):

Seriously, turkeys? Stop pooing on my welcome mat!

I solved a mystery this week... well, not so much a mystery. 

See, I've put on about... 25 pounds. In the past year and a half. As we all remember, I'm little, and on a little frame, 25 pounds is a lot. That extra weight also puts my BMI into the unhealthy range. Boo. 

On the bright side, my boobs look fabulous! (Okay. You didn't need to know that.)

Now, I knew that I'm eating more- and not very well. Camp always has cookies! I have no self-control! It's a bad combination. 

I also don't... really... exercise. Ever. I figure, I move around enough just during the day, right? Well, that was my excuse, anyway... but I had a pedometer for a while, and I was taking about 9,000 steps a day (the "goal" is 10,000), so I thought I was doin' pretty good! But that was before I was working in an office.This week, I decided to wear my ol' trusty pedometer, just to see.

Mystery solved!

I'm taking all of 4,000- 3,000 steps a day. Which isn't much. At all. <Sigh> I guess I'm going to have to start this exercising thing... any suggestions?

Note: I need something without any equipment, that I can do indoors, in about ten minutes, and that doesn't require running or sweating. I'm a challenge, I know.


We didn't watch the Superbowl last weekend. We took a nap instead.

And yes, I do realize that I'm blessed with the rarest of husbands- a man who, despite being built like a linebacker, does not watch football.


Five years ago, if you had told me that I would have four dead racoons strapped to the roof of my car, I'd have told you that you were nuts. 

 (See the tails sticking out of the bag? Oh yeah.)

Zeke's dad had some racoons that had been causing problems around the farm- so he trapped 'em and shot 'em and sent them along with us to the trading post near our home. I wouldn't let them ride inside the car with us- so we strapped them on the roof (and that way, they wouldn't thaw out- they were pretty well frozen already). 

The trading post was closed on Sundays. 

So they also came to church with us.

Can we discuss husbands and their need to leave pants all over the house?

Am I the only one with a perpetually pants-losing husband?

Fun with our nieces this weekend.... 
Our 3-year-old niece (to me)- while taking Zeke to "show him sumtin" : "I'm gonna take your prince upstairs pa-minute, but I'll brink him back!"

My prince indeed.


  1. found your blog via my blog. Thanks for commenting. The turkey poop would bug me. I could put up with the poop if I could eventually eat the turkeys. And I would not ride with dead racoons either!!

    1. Unfortunately, the turkeys seem to know that we can't shoot 'em. Lol. I'm glad I'm not the only one with dead-raccoon-being-too-close-to-me phobia.


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