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Friday, March 7, 2014

{7QT} Watermellon Shampoo, Facebook, Pants and Some Random Links

My husband (the Hunkiest of Husbands, truly) likes those 3-in-1 shampoo-conditioner-body wash concoctions.

He justifies this because most of his body is covered in hair, anyway. (It's true.) I don't share the same 3-in-1 passion.

Well, he ran out of the previous giant bottle, so we had to run into town after church on Sunday to get a new giant bottle... but they were all out! No 3-in-1 goodness to be found! 

HH searched high and low (while I looked at nail polish) and found....


Yes, my very large, very manly husband is using children's shampoo that smells like watermelon. Ponder that with me.

Also, I bit the bullet and got mah'self a Facebook page. It's a lonely, lonely place at the moment. "Like" me, really "Like" me!

Sometimes, you'll see an amateur musician on a YouTube video and go, "Man. That was terrible."

This is not one of those times. 

For some reason, the video won't embed, so follow this link. Trust me.  

Reading: The Truth About Church No One is Talking About by We Are That Family

My women's retreat last weekend took place in a big city. A city with a mall that contains a Starbucks. It was a big deal. 

During a couple of hours of free time on Saturday, I rode along with some of the other ladies to said mall and said Starbucks. And we stopped at Old Navy. And they were having a sale with jeans for $15.00! 

I am stingy when it comes to, well, everything. But especially clothes. I haven't bought new clothes (like, not from Goodwill) in over a year. All of my jeans were purchased in college. And I've gained about 15 pounds since college. I've been squeezing myself into those same jeans and feeling terrible about myself. 

Anyway. Old Navy. $15.00 jeans. I bought two (two!) pairs of jeans that are actually.my.size. What!? I love them. 

There they are... in all their unfolded glory. Excuse the unmade bed.
Having a pair of pants that fits me well has done wonders to my self-esteem. I didn't know they could do that. 

Of course, I need to hem them a little... because I'm short. 

Not bad, though, huh?

Please ignore all the stuff on my floor. And the unmade bed. And the scuff on the wall. And why is there a sponge behind my foot?

I need some suggestions. I've been cutting down on coffee by drinking more tea...

So I've really been switching one vice for another....

I've been dabbling with lots of teas but I don't think I've found a favorite. And I need advice. Tea drinkers- what's your favorite?

Okay, so I've run out of takes.   Six isn't bad, right? 

Happy Friday, all! 

I'm linking up today with Conversion Diary.

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  1. I giggled at the watermelon shampoo story! And a $15 Old Navy jeans sale is pretty good--jeans that fit can make such a big difference! Last year they were having that same sale and my Mom assigned me to take all my little sisters there and find them a couple pairs of jeans that actually fit them, and we succeeded, though we had to order "longs" online for one of those kids!


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