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Friday, March 21, 2014

{Five Faves/7QT} Peace- Second Floor Edition

Zeke and I have lived in our current home for almost a year now. Our other place was much smaller, but I did take like, 90 million pictures of it because I'm sentimental and it was our first home as a married couple. (Awwww).

And then we moved into this home, literally across the parking lot from the other, and I've taken, like, no pictures... which is a total shame because I.Love.Our.House. And a fun thing about living at Camp? Our home has a name. Peace. My home is called Peace.

Here are six (I compromised) things I love about the second floor of Peace.

The second floor of my home was actually the first floor of a lake house about 60 years ago or so. It was donated to Camp, and Camp built a bottom floor and put the lake house on top. Crazy, right? Anyway. The second floor is over a hundred years old (whereas our first floor is only 60 years old).

And we have a (not-up-to-code-so-we-can't-use-it-yet) fireplace! With a real live mantle! Love.

The upstairs bathroom is huge. It has a built-in cupboard (on the left there) a shower (out of the picture, on the right). See the door in the bathroom? Yeah. Because it was a lake house. It's handy to have a door to the outside when you're right on a lake. And Zeke's swim trunks on the hamper? I don't even know.

The door handles on the second floor all look like this. Someday I'd like to change the pulls on the kitchen cabinets to match- they are expensive! But I love these.

Updated window treatments! They're so fancy. You just pull them down or push them up- no annoying pull strings involved. I hate those pull strings on blinds. I always get them horribly tangled.

The walls in the living/dining room have several of these cut outs- so cute. And perfect for displaying all my rocks. (Zeke would be rolling his eyes right about now).

And the newest addition to this hundred-year old part of my home? DISH.WASHER. That's right, ladies and gentlemen- I have a DISH.WASHER.  It's revolutionized my life, ladies. Mostly because I now hide dirty dishes in there when I have people coming over, all willy-nilly.

I didn't know how to take a picture of this, but the whole top floor of my house is so bright- the white kitchen, the mostly white bathroom, lots of windows- it's really lovely. I wish I could get out of bed earlier every morning so I could enjoy the sunshine longer... but I like sleep. And, well, flannel sheets.

Happy Friday, all!

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