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Monday, March 3, 2014

Sorting and Sore Throats...

You know it's been a long weekend when it's 7:45 on Monday evening and we're in bed.

I had a wonderful retreat this weekend. Truly. It was so wonderful. I'll have to tell you all about it sometime, but for now, I'm still processing everything. Do you do that? I've got to sit down with all this that I've learned over the weekend and sort through it and put all the thoughts where they belong.

Anyway. Zeke went to Colorado this past weekend to visit family. He left with a cold, and he came back with a COLD. Sore throat, voice is gone, congestion, the whole shebang. He headed to the doctor today because strep throat is going around, and he came home with no strep diagnosis and a scrip for antibiotics.

Adrie was not happy.

They didn't even do a throat culture! He said (and by "said," I mean "whispered to me because he doesn't have a voice") that they told him that he has, in medical terms, "an upper respiratory thing." And he has antibiotics! Silly, if you ask me. So he's not taking them yet, because why take medicine for something you don't have, right? and we're drinking tea and essential-oiling his feet and are in bed at 7:30.

And I am hoping that I don't get it. I just don't have time! I'll be working every weekend, except for Easter, until the end of April... and then summer season will be starting (and then I'll be working every moment)! No time to be sick.

Hope your Monday was less germ-ridden than ours was!

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