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Friday, March 28, 2014

... And the Burger Jumped Over the Moon...

I'm just getting back from getting a bunch of campers checked in for the weekend. I like doing check-ins... but I don't like doing check-ins late at night. I get all amped up and then have trouble sleeping. So, in an effort to slow down my brains... I give you... a story you didn't really want to know! I warn you.

In high school, I worked at Hardee's. It was quite an experience. It's actually where I was working when Zeke and I met. Anyway, Hardees was on this "low carb" kick for a while (are they still? I don't even know anymore...) where you could buy a burger with no bun. Just the extremely fatty beef patty, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, mayo, wrapped in lettuce. Healthy.

A lot of people who choose this option didn't realize at first that there was, in fact, no bun. Even though it said it on the sign. To keep people from getting mad, if somebody ordered the Low Carb burger, the cashiers had to explain exactly what the customer was getting themselves into.

One day, a middle-aged guy came into the store and ordered a Low Carb burger. I was working the far right hand register. I remember this vividly. Now, he didn't really seem like the low-carb type. He seemed like the "I've worked a hard physical job all day and just wanna eat" type. So I, of course, explained that there is no bun, just lettuce. He nodded, I explained again, and he stuck with his Low Carb order.

When the burger was finished, he took his to-go bag and walked away. And then walked back into the store about three seconds later, all red in the face and frowny, demanding to speak with my shift manager. I watched (more like eavesdropped) from the sidelines. The customer was pissed. Apparently he didn't realize that there was no bun. Um, duh, sir, duh. My manager tried to diffuse the situation, but the customer got more and more worked up until finally...

He threw the burger.

At my manager. The customer had pretty good aim, too. It bounced off the manager's shoulder, smearing ketchup and mustard and mayo, and hit the floor, still lovingly wrapped in it's lettuce. No bun.

And that was the only time I've ever seen a grown man throw a burger at another human being.

You can't say I didn't warn you.

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  1. That's funny....had a low carb burger at Hardees yesterday and loved it. I'll be making these at home since we don't have Hardees in the Pittsburgh area.


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