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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ten Minute Tuesday: Clean that Sink

One of my favorite rooms in my house is the kitchen. There are lots of windows to let natural light in, the appliances are all white... it's just a nice, cheerful, inviting room. And I barely spend any time there. The biggest reason for that is because, well, I avoid it.

See, my kitchen is bright and cheerful, but it also has these pesky dishes that never seem to be put away, the garbage that's always half-full and sorta smelly, and the sink is usually either full of dirty dishes that all seem to be staring at me, or it's layered with dried on pieces of spaghetti and what may have been gravy at one time.

In short, my sink is pretty yucky most of the time.

So for today's Ten Minute Tuesday task, let's spend a ten minutes loving on that your kitchen sink.

The first step is actually getting everything out of the sink. For me, that meant washing the five forlorn dishes that were dirty, putting away the clean ones that were sitting in my drainboard, and then looking at the drainboard more closely and saying, "Ewww," and then sticking it in the dishwasher. I also made new homes for all the assortment of dish-washing devices (sponges, brushes, a pipecleaner for smoothie cup straws) under the sink in an open tupperware container.

Then, I did a quick wipe down with some warm soapy water to get the gunk off.

Next, I took some Comet with Bleach and scrubbed out both sides, using some good elbow grease to get out the weird black scratch-looking stains that my white sink seems to collect. Now, I use natural cleaners as much as I can for the most part, but nothing has seemed to work as well on my white sinks as Comet with Bleach. I welcome suggestions on this, by the way.

I rinsed everything off, then used a little more Comet on a rag and a butter knife to get into the cracks on the edges. I rinsed everything off again, then used a new rag with my all-purpose vinegar cleaning stuff to clean the fixtures.

Ta da! Nice clean sink!

Happy Tuesday!

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