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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Planning Binder Updates!

Because I get bored and need to mix things up, and because a functioning planning binder has to work for you!

Here are a couple updates I've made to ye olde planning binder recently...

New tabs! I decided I needed to organize my stuff better- so I included a Meals section to help with meal planning and to hold menus and recipes, and a Cleaning section for my Confident Mom household tasks pages. I also added a Blogging section for all my blog post brain dumps, and an Emergency Info section for prescription information, allergies, and our health insurance information. More tabs, for me, means better organization!

The Cleaning section has my Confident Mom pages, printed two to a page and cut in half.

Colorful Daily Do's pages. I'm working on eating healthier, so I added a food log section, and changed the sections to have rounded edges, cuz that's how I roll.

Finally, I decided I needed to prettify a bit more, so I took my plain binder divider pages and covered them with scrapbook paper.

Ah, updated binder!


  1. There's nothing like an updated binder to make you feel on top of things. Very nice.

    1. Thanks! I find that I have to mix things up every now and then, or I get bored with my system and don't use it... which defeats the purpose. =)


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