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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{Ten Minute Tuesday} Tackle That Container Cupboard!

You've made supper, gotten everyone fed, taken care of seventy million mini-crises, and now you're running late. But the leftovers are still on the stove...

At this point, do you sense impending doom?

I know I do.

Putting leftovers away means going into that dreaded cupboard where the leftover containers overfloweth.

Today, because it's Ten Minute Tuesday, after all- let's tackle it!

Pull out the containers, sort them, and match them with lids. Are there any that are cracked? Any that don't have lids? Any that you maaaay have melted to a misshapen mess? Toss 'em. Are there any that you can't remember using? Put them in the donate bin.

Now, decide how you want to organize. Do you want to put lids with their containers? Have a box for all the lids? Make the containers you use the most frequently easily accessible.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Linking up with Growing Homemakers today! 


  1. Oh my, I used to be so organized in the cupboards! Not any more! Mine look just like this and I am always searching for the right size. I have all of my lids in a drawer and I think that is easier to find and easier to stack the bowls! Thanks for stopping by Hope in the Healing so I could find your sweet blog ♥

    1. Really. I dread that cupboard. Dread, dread, dread. I have to make it a point to completely revamp it every month or so, or it gets out of control!


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