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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

{Ten Minute Tuesday} Ten Minute Act of Kindess

Today's Ten Minute Tuesday challenge is all about doing a nice thing for someone special in your life! For me, that would be my dear sweet Zeke.

Zeke sleeps with a fan by his side of the bed, and has for years. In one of those lovely twists of fate, I now can't sleep unless the fan is running... and can't sleep if it's blowing on me. Yeah.

Anyway, the other day, Zeke mentioned that his fan was dusty. I think his exact words were, "I really need to clean the dust off this fan sometime."

So today, I did it for him!

Ah, so clean.

That's the challenge for today. Take a minute and think- what nice thing could you do for someone in your life? Sew the eye back on a teddy bear? Mend a pair of pants (man, I do that a lot)? File some paperwork? Spend ten extra minutes making a special meal? You get the idea.

I had fun with this one- I was sneaky and did it while Zeke was still at work, and he was so happy when he went to turn on the fan this evening! Tee hee! I'm such a trickster! Have some fun doing a ten minute act of kindness today!

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