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Thursday, March 6, 2014

{Theme Thursday} Dirt

About a year ago now, Zeke and I decided to undertake an exciting project.

We made ourselves a bed.

Because buying one at a store would be too easy. And because we're pretty cheap.

We also wanted a nice tall bed so we could stick storage units underneath it- because at the time we had too much stuff and not enough space for it all. The having too much stuff part hasn't really changed... we just now have more room! It's still super handy to have storage right there. I keep my off-season clothes in a tub under my side of the bed.


I helped make the bed. With my vast construction experience. In short, I used a belt sander for the first time and ended up looking like, well, like that ^

See? I helped!

Dusty dirty yucky.

And now I use a step stool to get into bed.

Linking up with Clan Donaldson and the rest of the dirty, dirty ladies today!


  1. My husband loves woodworking, and he has grand plans to make us a bed someday. Yours looks great!

  2. Oh wow, that's a pretty big project!! It's been a couple years since I've had the opportunity to use power tools, but it can be pretty fun, in spite of how dirty you become!

  3. It really wasn't as big of an undertaking as it seemed- or at least, my part wasn't. Ha. Zeke did all the cutting and measuring, because, well, I hate measuring and am bad at it and let's focus on our strengths, right?


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