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Monday, October 8, 2012

Love List

A few things that I am loving this week:

1. The smell of burning leaves. Our neighborhood allows us to burn leaves, and with so many trees around, at least one close neighbor is burning every day I know some people hate this smell, but man, it just smells like fall to me! Mmm.

2. My new bed! Zeke and I actually made the frame together, then we got a new mattress (thank heaven). With the cooler weather, I couldn't help but put all the fluffy bedding on it, and now it's nearly impossible to get out of bed in the morning. I think I should move the fridge and TV in there... then I'd almost never have to leave.

3. The cleaning checklist I've been using. Okay, I have a little confession to make here. The other day, I watched the kids of a friend of mine. She had a "Babysitter Info" sheet... I'm sure many of you have the same thing. Anyways, I didn't need it, but she had mentioned that it had the pediatrician's name on it, and I was curious. So I looked over the sheet, and then saw this checklist underneath it. And, being snoopy as I am, I had to look it all over. I immediately went, "Wow. This could be the best thing ever for me."

I went online and bought the lists. They are awesome. I was really kind of struggling with how to fill my "at home" days when I wasn't subbing- there's just so many things to do that I didn't know where to get started. Thanks a bunch to The Confident Mom at theconfidentmom.com!!

4. The beautiful scenery in my neighborhood. This was taken just across the street. No joke.

5. Knowing what to make for dinner. Now that I've been trying out recipes for a couple of months and gauging Hunky Husband's reactions, I've got a bunch of HH-approved meals, so I've been able to actually plan, rather than just frantically searching for recipes at 3:30.

6. Pandora. I'm sure you've heard of this website before, but if you haven't, it's an online radio that's customized to your preferences. At my house, the radio doesn't pick up very many channels, and doesn't get the local Christian station at all. I've got my Pandora's Hillsong Radio going almost all day, and I love it! I'm not so sure that the neighbors who live below me like it so much... they have to hear me singing all day long...

7. My wonderful husband. He's taking on more hours at work starting this week (the maintenance director is cutting back on his own hours), and it's a busy time to work maintenance at camp with all the winterizing and boat-pulling-outing they're doing.

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  1. Gorgeous view! I thought mine was awesome but yours has me beat. It's the lake. I've got trees but no lake.

    I try new recipes all the time and the question I used to ask my husband was: "Should I make it again?" Now I ask: "Is it blog worthy?" If the answer is no, it's a goner!

    Enjoyed your post.


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