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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Budget Bride: Make Your Own Booklet Wedding Programs!

 Everybody's making their own programs these days! It's great! There are so many awesome ideas out there about fan programs, programs in fun shapes... too cute. Of course, I had to also try my hand at making programs! Here's how it went....

I didn't include the printing and stuff in this tutorial. Pictures of me printing=boring. So here's what happened "behind the scenes:"

The paper I used for the program covers was the same paper I used for the invitations. I printed the paper with a watermark (again, the same watermark I used for invitations), and then cut each page in half the "long way" with an industrial paper cutter.

I also used the paper cutter to cut squares out of white card stock. Using the heart stamps I used on the invitation envelopes, I stamped each square with two hearts. I used a silver ink. 

I printed the "guts" of the programs on regular computer paper, using a two-column format. I decided to use a fancy font (the same one I used for the invitations) from dafont.com. So pretty. I also downloaded a corner border offline, and used that on the corners to make the inside pages even lovelier. I found that I had an extra page to work with after I added all the necessary info. I used that page to add a crossword puzzle about HH and I! So fun. However, I found that I couldn't fit the clues on the same page, so I printed those out on white card stock and cut them out to glue on the back cover. I cut the inside part of the programs in half the long way as well, again using the industrial paper cutter.

I folded the covers in half, folded the insides in half, and got started with the booklets!


    -Glue Stick
    -Scratch Paper
    -Hole Punch
    -Program Cover
    -Program Insides
    -Crossword Clues
    -Heart Square

Step One:  Glue heart square onto front cover

-Make sure to center the square in the middle of the page, top of heart toward folded side.
-Put the scratch paper underneath while gluing to prevent glue from getting everywhere

Step Two: Glue Crossword Clues onto inside back cover

-Cute, huh? We used a crossword puzzle on the last page of the program, and then glued the clues onto the back cover.
-It’s easier if you press one side down first, then use your finger to smooth the rest of the page down (you get fewer air bubbles)

Step Three: Line up the “Insides”

-Open the inside sheets to the middle and line them up with the cover (fold them together slightly to make sure the folds match up)
-Make sure the pages are centered and line up with the cover
-Hold them tight so they don’t move

Step Four: Punch Ribbon Holes

-In the fold, line the hole punch up parallel to the long edge of the programs
-The punch should be as far towards the middle of the programs as possible

-Look at the outside of the program. The punch hole should be lined up so the fold crease is in the middle of the hole.
    -Punch out the hole. Repeat on the other side.

Step Five: Thread ribbon through and tie on pencil

 -Thread the ribbon through the punch holes
 -Cross the ribbons into a “T” and pull tight

-I purchased golf pencils from golfpencil.com as little program favors, printed with our names and wedding date on them. The guests used the pencils to fill out the crossword puzzle. Put pencil inside ribbon, tie in knot

Finished! Cute, personal programs!

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