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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back From Vacation Blues

We just got back from the Black Hills! It was a great trip- beautiful, refreshing, restoring. I'll post pictures and details soon.

Not now, though. Because now, now I'm unpacking. I'm doing laundry. Re-acclimating to being home. Realizing that there's no food in the house and trying to figure out what to do for supper. The first day after vacation is so. much. work.

It is good to be home though. I walked in the door last night, saw our living room, and was struck by the feeling that I was home. We have a beautiful home, a beautiful life here together. I'm content here. Well, minus all the laundry and unpacking.

And on top of the laundry and unpacking, I had to mail in some stuff for health insurance today, and my teaching license came in the mail as well! Yay! So I updated my resume (again), made copies of my license, considered asking those who wrote letters of recommendation for me to write new ones with my married name (thoughts?), and started putting together application packets for the districts I'd like to sub in.


Zeke came home to grab something (I think pliers, maybe?...) and saw the lunch and breakfast dishes, as well as all the dirty leftover containers I emptied out, all sitting in a pile in the sink and all over the counter.

He said, "Are you planning on doing dishes this afternoon?" which really meant, "Holy dirty kitchen, Adrie!" but in a much nicer way.

So yes, I should probably get back to work. Even though my butt feels like it might just fall off after all the motorcycle riding.

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