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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


After the quilt auction last weekend (yay quilt auction!), Zeke and I went back to our hometown to meet with an insurance guy and stop in to say hi to my folks.

First off, insurance. Um, way expensive! And kind of scary... having my own insurance means I'm like, a real adult. Yikes.

Anyway, so we stopped by my parents' house. I had the chance to sneak down into the storage room and double check that I hadn't forgotten anything I need. And I stumbled upon... this!

Yep. I started making a quilt! Fitting with the theme of the weekend, huh?

This picture was actually taken today, after I've been working on it for a couple hours. I found the quilt beginnings in a box, quilt squares cut and some already sewn into rows.

I don't know when I last worked on this thing, to be honest. I don't even remember starting it. Crazy. I think I got all excited during a Home Ec class in middle school ... I'm really not sure. But when I saw it, I remembered the idea, at least. It's a T-shirt quilt made with all the shirts from Girl Scout Camp, as well as old pairs of jeans. Cute, even for a misguided middle school kid.

I say "misguided" because upon finding the quilt, I remembered one small detail about making it... I didn't measure. Oh yeah. I cut out the squares by putting one T-shirt on top of the other and just snipping away. Tragic! This quilt is kind of a mess.

Being a fix-it person, after I found the quilt, I had to finish it. And, because I now have a sewing machine, I really don't have a excuse not to finish it!

Ohhh, pretty sewing machine!

And it feels really good to have a project, to be honest. I wanna get it done soon-- updates to come!

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