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Monday, August 6, 2012

Quilt Auction!!

Like many Bible camps, our camp has a annual Quilt Auction! Hurray!

If you've never experienced one of these things, here's how it works, typically. Congregations, clubs, and individuals donate quilts (or other handmade items- woodwork is popular, too) to the camp. Then, the camp auctions off the quilts and stuff, and the money made goes toward camp. It's a huge fundraiser, one of the biggest fundraisers the camp does. It's also absolutely insane.
 Seriously. Insane.

Little church ladies get super fierce when it comes to quilt auctions. They take notes. How much a quilt went for, who purchased it, who made it, what the batting is made from... and heaven help you if you stand in their line of vision.

The quilts are beautiful, the bidding gets ugly, the popcorn is good, the athletic field is a parking lot, and the money is going to further God's kingdom in this world.

Quilt Auction!

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