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Friday, August 24, 2012

Budget Bride: Wedding Program Wording

I've had a couple of questions come in about how I worded by beautiful (and simple) wedding programs. I'll break it down for ya!

Keep in mind, my wedding is not your wedding. You may have completely different wedding traditions. The order of ceremonies may be completely different in your wedding than it was in mine. Or maybe you won't want to include musician's names (our musicians were family members). Or maybe you added a totally cool element to your wedding that you'll want to explain. Every wedding is different, so every program is different!

On our wedding programs, I left the front cover blank, with just our two heart logo on it...

...so the wording started on the first "inside" page (which I printed on just plain computer paper). I printed the inside (computer paper) pages front and back, so page two is actually on the back of page one.

Remember, I used fancy fonts for my programs (fonts that won't show up here on the blog, so you'll just have to find your own- I have tips on my post about booklet wedding programs).
Here's the break down:

First Page: 

Zeke and Adrie (just our first names here)
Wedding Date
Name of the Church
Location of the Church (town and state)

Pastor Joe Schmoe Officiating

Second Page: 

Prelude and Processional
Susie Q (Organ)

Entrance of Bride
Susie Q (Organ)

Pastor Joe Schmoe

Giving of Bride


Lucy Black and Karen White, Sisters of the Groom

Third Page: 
Congregational Song
"One in the Spirit,"  Jimmy Bob (Guitar)
(See last page of program for Lyrics)

Exchange of Vows and Rings

Unity Braid 
The braiding of three strands demonstrates how HH and LW are joined by God in marriage. 
Soloists: Little Sister and Littler Sister, Sisters of the Bride

Declaration of Marriage


Susie Q (Organ)

Fourth Page: (I won't bore you with fake names, here... here's the basic order I used...)

Wedding Party

Name.................Relationship to Groom
Name...................Relationship to Bride
Flower Girls
Name...............Relationship to Bride
Parents of Bride

Parents of Groom
Fifth Page:
Grandparents of Bride
 Names (I only included those who are still living here)

Grandparents of Groom

Name.....Relationship to Couple

The roses next to the guestbook are in memory of (deceased grandparents' names).

Sixth Page: 
Thank You!

For sharing in this very special day with us, 
For supporting us and encouraging us along the way, 
For your prayers and thoughts as we continue this journey together, 
And most of all, for being an influence in our lives and making us who we are. 

Seventh Page: 
 (Here I put the song lyrics to the congregational song, which saved us time and hassle with using the church projector.)

Eighth Page: 
 Crossword Puzzle!

(For this, I actually just used Microsoft Excel. I first figured out my clues, then made the puzzle using a puzzlemaking site. I didn't like the quality of the free printable version, so I just blacked out cells in Excel to make my own puzzle. I used text boxes to number the words up in the corners.)

Inside Back Cover: 
(Here I glued the clues to the crossword puzzle)      

So there you have it! Our wedding programs worked out great, and a lot of people commented about the crossword puzzle.We included little golf pencils with the wedding programs, too- ones with erasers (fancy).  I just know that having to sit and wait for a wedding to start (and most of the time, you don't know all that many people who are there) gets a little boring, and having something fun to do while you wait for the thing to start already can be really great. 

The puzzle also sparked some conversation among our guests... we made sure that we used clues and words that encompassed many aspects of our lives. Like, what kind of pet do we have? What was the name of the camp where HH worked? When was LW born? Some of our guests would know each of the answers, but very few guests knew all of the answers. 

Anyways. If you have any questions, I'd love to hear them! I'm all about helping the next bride! Thanks for your comments and your searches!  


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