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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Case of the Mondays...

My Monday thus far...

1. Wake up. Only hit the snooze button twice.

2. Get ready for the day. Walk back into the bedroom to grab my watch, notice snuggly-looking husband in bed.

3. Wash dirty dishes from last night.

4. Walk back into the bedroom to put dirty dishtowel in the wash machine. Notice that adorable, cuddly husband has burrowed back into the warm, cozy covers.

5. Check phone to make sure no schools are calling me in, even though it's been within earshot all morning. No missed calls.

6. Check e-mail. It's all spam.

7. Put away clean dishes. Think about making breakfast.

8. Check Facebook.

9. Make scrambled eggs. Remember that Hunky Husband likes his with salsa. Set table.

10. Go into bedroom to tell Zeke that I've made eggs and he should get up soon. Notice that not only is he cuddly, but he also smells nice.

11. Scrap the eating at the table idea. Bring breakfast into the bedroom and get under the covers.

12. Zeke wakes up and we share breakfast and cuddles.

14. Realize that I've forgotten the juice. Head back to the kitchen to get the juice, and climb back up onto the bed.

13. Salsa on the comforter.

14. Start a load of laundry while Zeke gets ready for work.

15. Hunky Husband asks if I've seen his keys. Have not seen said keys. Look all over the house.

16. Zeke realizes that he left his keys in his pants pocket last night. It is now time for Zeke to leave for work.

17. Look for pants Zeke was wearing last night. Realize that the pants are currently in rapidly filling washing machine.

18. Search through wash machine for pants. Soak through sleeves of the shirt I'm wearing.

19. Find keys in pocket of soaked and soapy pants. Apologize for not checking the pockets. Again. Even after the wallet washing incidents. Both of them.

20. Zeke is now late for work. Whoops.

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