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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Packing Tips- Clothes Edition: Honeymoon Road Trip!

Okay. Our honeymoon road trip presented several tricky issues when it came to clothes packing. First of all, it's late October. Secondly, we'll be traveling to places with very different climates. Third, it'll be three weeks long, and there isn't any promise of laundry facilities (we'll get to my solution for that later on).

After checking the weather in several of our destinations and learning that for most of our trip it will be under 65 degrees, I decided to go primarily with long-sleeved tops and jeans. I did pack a couple T-shirts in case we get into warmer weather. Here's the list:

-8 long sleeved shirts (all solid colors)
-1 thin flannel shirt
-2 white cami's
-2 t-shirts
-3 pairs jeans
-1 pair knit leggings
-11 pairs panties
-2 bras
-8 pairs socks
-2 scarves
-1 grey jacket-thing
-1 zip-up jacket
-1 quilted flannel jacket
-1 pair gloves
-1 warm hat
-Flannel PJ pants
-Big T-shirt for sleeping

One thing I hate about packing clothes is that I always have to dig through everything to find the smaller stuff like panties and socks. This time, I used gallon-sized zip lock bags, one to hold panties, and one to hold socks. That way, they'll be much easier to find. 

Bag o' Panties

I plan on washing tops after wearing them twice at most. However, because we'll be seeing some relatives and there will be lots of pictures, I don't want to feel like I'm wearing the same thing all the time. Just a couple little accessories (in my case, two scarves and a little jacket thing) can make one basic outfit look like several. And, just three accessories can fit with several different basic outfits, especially if you wear simple clothing.

Basic Outfit
With yellow scarf
With pink scarf
With gray jacket thing

I'm only packing three pairs of shoes. The first are my rubber Birkenstock clogs. I'll be wearing these to the showers, and I'll keep these handy in the car (so I don't have to put on and tie shoes every time we stop.) I'll also bring my tennis shoes for most outings, and a pair of hiking boots for the rugged stuff.

 I love my Birkies. They're waterproof, which makes them perfect for at the pool or the shower...

And they float. Which is just fun.

That's what I'm bringing, clothing wise! I'm hoping that there's enough there to keep me warm enough or cool enough along the way!

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