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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Wedding Tip Ever

The other day, in honor of our four month "anniversary," and also because our honeymoon is quickly (!) approaching, Zeke and I watched our wedding video.

We hadn't seen it yet. I was actually kind of avoiding it... I feel like there's some kind of awkwardness about seeing myself on camera, for one. That and the fact that I was pretty sure it was going to make me cry.

But after Zeke sweetly suggested watching it, I sucked up my silly reasons, and we did.

It was nice.

But can I be honest with you?

I spent so much time, so many semi-sleepless nights, and worried so much about my wedding day. I put a ton of pressure on that short half-hour. And it was a good day in my life, a very good day.


Yesterday was better. Last Saturday was better. Today has been better.

Yes, our wedding day was a big, important, life-changing day. It was the day when our hearts were united before God and all the people who love us.

If there's one thing I could tell a future bride, busy dreaming and planning, it would be this:

Your wedding will be special. It will be something you remember for always. But it won't be the best day of your life. The best days are still to come.  

The best days will be when your husband rolls over in bed in the morning and holds you while he's still half asleep. When you hear his footsteps on the porch as he comes home from work. When he introduces you as his wife. Those days will be even better than your wedding day.

And if I could send a message to myself five months ago, it would be: Don't put too much pressure on one day. Your sisters may very well forget the words to the congregational song during the ceremony, making the song sound like a confused round of sorts. Maybe no one will dance at the reception. Maybe your grandfather will lead a rousing rendition that inspires all to patriotism but has nothing to do with romance. That's okay. It'll be a good day no matter what- because it will be the day when you marry your best friend. All the rest is just icing on the cake. It's a good day, but it only gets better from here.



  1. This was so sweet! I think I needed to hear it too,even though I'm not married - sometimes you need reminders about the little things in relationships :)

  2. Love this. I couldn't agree more. My wedding was small and done fairly quickly (within about 4 months) but it still caused ridiculous amounts of stress. Looking back, I realize that the ceremony itself is not what truly matters. It's the relationship, the marriage, that's developed afterwards that should be the focus.


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