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Monday, October 29, 2012

Honeymoon Road Trip!!

Today's the day we head out for our honeymoon! I'm very excited. Very very excited.

Poor Zeke has been super busy at work this week, and I'm sure he's ready for this vacation, too!

Here's the basic plan so far:

-Head out to the Black Hills and visit some friends.
-Drive down to Salt Lake City and do some sightseeing.
-Head north to Washington State.
-Visit some relatives.
-Start down the west coast along the ocean.
-Stop at Redwood and Sequoia National Parks. 
-Visit a friend in Southern California.
-Hit up the Grand Canyon.
-Visit a National Park outside Austin, Texas.
-Start heading home.

And of course, if we find something irresistibly awesome or interesting along the way, we'll have to stop and check that out, too!

We're bringing a computer along, so hopefully I'll get a little time to post some pictures as we go! But, just in case, I'll also have some posts going with road trip tips, what we packed, and so forth!

Pleas pray for a safe and wonderful honeymoon for the two of us! Thank you!!


  1. Sounds like a great trip! Best of luck to you :)

  2. Great tips. Love the Crystal Light container and the 12 oz. soda bottles.


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