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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Packing Tips- Toiletry Edition: Honeymoon Road Trip

One of the first challenges I considered when we began planning our 3 week honeymoon was all the hygiene and beauty products I would need! Three weeks is a long time. Too long for one of those little travel-sized toiletry products.

Here's my solution. I used two 12 oz pop bottles for my shampoo and conditioner. They hold more, and the twist-off caps will prevent most explosions and leaks.

Secondly, all those little makeup products are tough to keep in one place. I used an old Crystal Lite container, cleaned it out, and I'm using that for the small stuff, like mascara, bobby pins, and... well, makeup stuff.

Here's the rest of the stuff I'm bringing... a small mirror, body spray (sample size), a makeup brush, my razor, cheapened-up lotion, a little thing of body wash, hair de-frizz, moisturizer, my full-sized hairbrush (the travel ones are cool, but they get annoying and very frustrating with long hair for three weeks), my toothbrush, toothpaste, and my face wash bar (which I dropped right before taking this picture, and the case broke, so I need to grab a new one!) . Seems like a lot for a camping road trip? Well... remember, this is my honeymoon, too! I'll need to look at least a little attractive, and smell okay!

So, where do all these products go?

Ta da! So often, at least in my experience, there's no clean dry counter space in campground bathrooms, and that's what we'll be using most of the time. I wanted an organizer that can hang on a hook. I didn't have one, so I used an apron I had lying around. I cut off the sides, and then used the fabric from the sides to make the top section of pockets. I folded up the bottom of the apron and sewed it up to make the bottom pocket.

It all rolls up to look like this. Not very pretty or glamorous, but it will definitely work!

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