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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Honeymooning Coming Sooning. Or Something.

Zeke and I got married in June. He wanted to get married during the summer months, and I'm a big Seven Brides for Seven Brothers fan. ("When you're married in June... You'll always be a bride!")

Source: http://obscurendure.blogspot.com/2012/09/review-seven-brides-for-seven-brothers.html

Unfortunately, a summer wedding and honeymoon wasn't really all that ideal for someone who works at a Bible Camp. Summer is the busy season at camp. We decided to get married in June and postpone our honeymoon until a later time, being that we wanted a long vacation and Zeke's summer schedule was definitely not going to work for us.

Well, Zeke brought up the idea of our three-week honeymoon with his bosses about a month ago, and they've been figuring out when would work best ever since. Since I don't have a steady job right now, I can be a little more flexible. Zeke came home yesterday and told me that we have a date planned! October 29 is when we head out.

We're not doing a traditional honeymoon. We'll be taking a road trip across the USA. Yup. We do like our road trips. No, we won't be taking this one in a motorcycle (man, my butt would be sore!). The plan is to head out to the Northwest, then drive down the coast, see the Grand Canyon and a bunch of other beautiful places along the way, swing through Texas, and then, depending on how much time we have left, maybe do New Orleans before heading back home.

It'll be an adventure.

A spontaneous, unplanned adventure.

Zeke is more of a type-B person, which I love about him. He goes with the flow of things and doesn't usually get worked up when things don't go as planned. I'm just the opposite. I like plans. Schedules, routines, lists... so this trip will be a learning experience for me. My mom is already making fun of me- she says that I'll make a "Honeymoon Trip Binder" (like I made a Wedding Binder) with all the gas stations and hotels mapped out... and that I'll hide it from Zeke.

I'm not that bad.

But yes, I am. I'm already thinking through what we'll need to bring clothes-wise... and what meals I can plan that'll pack well in a cooler and we can eat in the car... And who will watch our turtle??!?!

I'm excited, though! It'll be awesome to see so much of the US that I haven't yet seen! As we get further in planning, er, closer to leaving, I'll post more about our plans. Er, our ... ideas. Whims. What have you.

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