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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Subbing Habits: Coming Home

I've been doing some subbing around the area lately, which has been such an answer to prayer. For the longest time, I really didn't get much in the way of subbing jobs, and I was worried that might be a glimpse into what my year would look like. Now that I've had several jobs, I'm starting to learn the tricks of the trade. I thought I'd share a couple of those tricks with you.

We're actually going to start at the end today... a little backwards, but I think my "end of the day" habit has made a lot of difference in my life, so I'll share it first.

After a long day of subbing (or a short one, for that matter), I often want to come home at 4:00 and just flop on the couch, take my shoes off, turn on the television, and just veg out. If I was a single gal, maybe that would work, but since I have a Hunky Husband... he comes home around 5:30, and I'm still in my work clothes, shoes sitting on the floor where I tossed 'em, nothing done, and nothing even planned for supper. And usually, I'm not a great conversationalist when I'm in my vegetative state, either. Not the best way to greet a darling husband. Or anyone, for that matter.

I've realized this bad habit of mine, and rehauled my Coming Home routine. Here it goes...

1. Put away that subbing bag. I used to leave mine sitting on the recliner (aka Zeke's chair), where it was quickly forgotten by yours truly. Now, I take out anything I might need to wash, like lunch containers, put my reading book on my nightstand, and put the bag into the entryway closet where it belongs.

2. Take a shower and change. So, Zeke is kind of a clean-freak. He always used to get upset when I sat around in my "school clothes" in the evening, saying that I was spreading germs from school all over the place. Now, I don't know how much truth is really in that, but when I finally did take is advise and shower when I got home, I found another great benefit of the after-school-shower.

I feel better. Taking a shower gets my mind out of school-mode and into home-mode. I feel like I'm washing away the stress of the day, getting rid of anything negative that may have happened, and starting fresh. And, let's be honest, taking a quick shower after school probably does get rid of some of those yucky kid-germs, and the less of those you've got around, the less often you will get sick. Even if I roll my eyes at Zeke when he says so.

3. Take a couple quiet minutes. Yes, I am getting dangerously close to my old "veg out" ways. It is important, at least for me, to slow myself down after a busy day and give myself a little time to relax. Just five minutes of sitting outside, drinking a cup of hot chocolate, or reading a favorite devotional does wonders.

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