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Friday, October 12, 2012

Frugal Friday: Lotion Stretching

I must confess... I love fancy lotions.

Don't get me wrong, regular old Jergens does the job, but there's just something about a fancy lotion. That something is the smell.

Ooh man. I love a good smell. Actually, on a sidenote, most of my family loves smells. We're very smell-oriented people. Each and every person has a unique smell, and as kids, we could figure out which of our friends that lost glove belonged to just by sniffing it. We're weirdos, in other words. Glove sniffers.

Okay, back to this.

Anyways, I love fancy, expensive lotion for the fancy, expensive smells that come with them. Unfortunately, I am not a millionaire. Nor am I willing to spend upwards of $10 on a bottle of lotion that will last me... like a month. Tops. Because even though I love fancy lotions from places like Bath and Body Works, I use too darn much of it to justify the cost.

Enter my new best friend, the fancy-lotion stretcher.

I love good old-fashioned Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Body and Hand Lotion. Love it. It costs less than $5 a bottle (at least at the department stores around me), and there are a whopping 32 ounces per bottle. Not only is it cheap, but it works great. And I'm somewhat convinced that it has magical powers. That, or I should just hate my 5'3", 90 pound sister for not getting a single stretch mark during her pregnancy (even though she looked like a bus).

The best part is, the light cocoa butter fragrance in this lotion makes it perfect to add to any other lotion (read: the expensive, great-smelling ones). I've added this lotion to my fancier stuff without losing the quality and while still keeping the yummy fragrances I love.

Because I'm a glove-sniffing cheap-skate.

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