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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


For the past couple of days, I've been taking advantage of living at a Bible Camp. The Bible Camp where Zeke works hosts family camps, primarily, and included in the programming for family camp is a Bible study for the adults of the families. The studies are led by a different speaker every week, and the families seem really impressed with the studies, but I just haven't felt comfortable enough to attend any of them. I'm not a camper, and I don't work at the camp... so I just felt like I didn't quite fit anywhere.

And then the executive director's wife told me that I'm welcome to come to the Bible study. And told me that she'd be there. I got a little more comfortable with the idea. So for the past couple of days, I've been attending, listening, taking notes, and sharing. It's been incredible.

The speaker is wonderful, but even more than him (and he's hard to top...), I've really been blessed by the fellowship. The speaker gives us time to form small groups and discuss the message, and that's the part that's really made this experience so great. I've gotten to know people, to talk to people, who are struggling with their faith, walking the narrow Way, and who are willing to share about their journeys. It's been wonderful.

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Today's message was about being a light in the darkness. The speaker used the example of being in the deepest part of a cave, how one tiny little light shining in all that expansive darkness makes a difference, how it isn't swallowed up by the great darkness. Our small group talked about how our relationships with everyone around us can be our little light. Someone brought up the fact that while we need to set an example to those around us, we also have to be okay with showing others that we don't have it all together. Being a Christian doesn't mean that my life is perfect. I have hard times. The difference is in how I deal with those hard times, how I handle the pain and the struggles in my life.

I really needed this. I needed this time of spiritual renewal- and most of all, I think, I've needed to spend time with other Christians. I've been pretty tied up with things going on here at home- the cooking and cleaning and organizing, getting paperwork taken care of, and working on getting a job. What I really needed was other people. I needed that fellowship.

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