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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Things I Love about my Husband

My husband has the ability to make every day a special and unique adventure. My husband also finds the most interesting things for cheap or for free.

Zeke found, or bought, I can't remember really... but in some way, he acquired a food dehydrator. Yep. It's been sitting in our kitchen for the past two weeks looking lonely, and before that, it lived in Zeke's storage room. Very unloved.

Anyway, Zeke's mom gave us a ton of mangoes. Very generous, but we couldn't possibly eat all those mangoes before they went bad. That's when Zeke pulled out the dehydrator.

If you've never seen one (and I don't blame you for that... they're kind of a novelty, I think), this is what they look like....

We put the mango chunks on the dividers, set that puppy to "Fresh Fruit" and let it dehydrate.

This is the end result...

Looks appetizing, huh? Zeke bravely tried one and pronounced that they taste like raisins. I'm not sure if I'd call it a successful attempt, but I'm pretty sure that Zeke will eat them nonetheless.

One downside of this particular adventure? It's kind of tough to get all the sticky mango off the dehydrator!

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