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Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

I haven't talked about my wonderful wedding in like, one. whole. week. You missed it, I know.

Anyways, I thought that I'd bring back the wedding stuff! Yay!

In an attempt to keep wedding costs low, we decided to make all of our centerpieces as much as possible. We went with three different centerpieces.

Here's the first one. The base is a cedar slab, borrowed from a friend of Zeke's who does woodcarving and burning. We borrowed mason jars from friends. We wrapped burlap around the center ones, and then tied raffia around the middles. We filled them with rocks, then put candles inside. Our Washington relatives brought fresh greenery, and we put some around the bottom. We also bought some fake hydrangeas from Walmart and pulled them apart- a couple little flowers was all we really needed to bring a splash of color to the table. In this picture, you can also see our table labels (click here for wedding table 'number' tutorial).

The second one was a little more intensive, and all about my Hunky Husband. HH got some cedar branches from the camp he used to work at, and cut them into three different sizes. Then he drilled a hole in the middle, and we put tea light candles inside (which was it's own adventure). He also got grapevine from camp, and we wound that up around the candle pillars. We also put some fake moss around the pillars, some orange raffia, and a fake orange flower.You can't really see it, but we borrowed mirrored tiles from church to put underneath.

The third centerpiece! We used more of the cedar slabs and greenery, borrowed some hurricane vases from Zeke's mom, my mom, and Zeke's sister. We used more rocks, and then filled the hurricane vases with water and two goldfish (they went to a good home afterward). It's a little hard to see in the picture, but we also put two small glass votive holders on the sides, and put a tea light inside each of those.We put more hydrangea flowers around these, as well.

The centerpieces looked great. They were all so unique, and the personal touches (like the cedar slabs and branches from Zeke's old camp) made them really special. The tables had a burlap runner on each, which gave a simple and rustic feel to the reception.

We had a lot of help with the centerpieces and with set up, and I think that getting help was one of the best parts- we had a blast with our aunts and cousins and moms getting everything set up and looking good! That's one thing I think I learned from the experience of wedding planning- ask for help, not only because you'll need help to avoid going nuts, but also because it's fun to spend that extra time with your loved ones. The wedding gets so crazy that you really don't have enough time for everyone, so that set-up time is great.

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